• The human being as a whole

    When I started my psychology studies, long before I started university, I was fascinated by the power of our brain, that powerful member that controls everything in our body.

     The unlimited ability to create, associate, learn, produce and, in addition, control our emotions and our body as a whole is simply stunning. However, at that time, my understanding was very much focused on the brain and mind, I believed that the brain functioned as hardware, the mind was the software and together they controlled everything that happened in our body. I was not entirely mistaken, I just lacked the countless other variants that can interfere in this process. That’s when I decided to learn more about holistic treatment. 

    The holistic view is the one that, in the search for health and well-being, fully perceives the human being, body, mind, spirit and emotions. According to the holistic view, the best way to achieve health as a whole and through proper balance in life.

    According to the holistic view, in human beings we are formed by interdependent parts, that is, if one part is not working well, others may be affected.

    It is not very difficult to find examples of people who are very well physically, like some athletes, but are suffering from some mental health problem. Or people who have a brilliant career, however suffer from stress, depression, obesity or heart problems. Artists who are very famous and financially successful and suffer from problems with interpersonal relationships, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

    When we focus on one area of ​​our life and do not work on other aspects, the probability is that there will be an imbalance, at some point our body and mind will clearly indicate to us that something is not going well.

    If a person consults a doctor with constant migraine complaints, is medicated and feels better, it is a great, immediate solution to the problem. We all seek relief from pain and suffering. However, what can happen is that person enters a cycle of needing a medication so that he feels better without ever knowing the real cause of the problem. What causes this migraine? What’s behind these unbearable headaches?

    In some cases our body has symptoms that are related to bad habits, a diet not favorable to the needs of the body, work that makes us sick, some trauma, a problematic relationship, another medication we are taking, or even other illnesses.

    The causes of suffering can be numerous and will not be discovered unless we understand that the body works as a whole. Until we work on the cause of our illnesses, we will not find the cure and well-being we desire.

    It is important to know ourselves, to know our needs as a whole, needs in relation to food, physiological needs, need for exercise and movement, relationships, professional success, family, etc. To also know and recognize our fears, desires and weaknesses. This way it is easier to work looking for what will provide us with health and well-being.

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